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Press on “Call To The Void”:


(80/100) “Call to the Void is a strong album” – Lords of Metal

“Call to the Void by Society’s Plague will appeal to a lot of melodeath fans” – Grim Reader Reviews

“It’s an album I find myself going back to again and again, enjoying each successive listen just a little bit more than the last.” – Metal Abyss

“Call To The Void is a powerful composition that should be bringing this band some well deserved recognition” – MAYHEM Music Magazine

“Though Call To The Void is brutally heavy, it contains some magnificent melodies.  I can see the album being a winner for fans of bands such as Soilwork, early Sylosis and Rise To Fall.” – Sentinel Daily

“Sophomore slump be damned – Call to the Void is pretty impressive to say the least.” – Get eXposed Music

 Press on “The Human, The Canvas“:

“The combination of blistering guitars, powerful and at times melodic vocals makes this disc an exceptionally heavy, tremendously powerful metal album that kicks some serious tail. I listen to many discs on a regular basis but this is one stands out to me as being a cut above the rest.” – PureGrainAudio

“Slabs of layered melodic metal with unexpected twists and turns, sophisticated structures and extraordinarily impressive vocals” – Decibel Magazine

“‘The Human, The Canvas’ is violently sublime, like a buddhist monk being fed through a rusty wood chipper.” – DRUM! Magazine

“The Human, The Canvas combines kind, friendly guitar with patient growling, choral singing, sedate drumming, and the best keys we have ever heard.” – CWG Magazine

“‘The Human, The Canvas’ is recommended reading for your ears!” – The New Review

“When this band started playing, jaws dropped and time seemed to stand still.” – LouisvilleMusicNews