Society’s Plague is an Epic Melodic Metal band from Lexington, KY. Utilizing a unique blend of melodic death metal elements, dueling guitar harmonies, and infectious keyboard and orchestral arrangements, Society’s Plague has created a sound fondly sought after by their steadily growing fan base.
Since 2007, Society’s Plague has performed over 300 shows spanning 25 states across the US, including 4 national tours, 3 festivals, and several one-off shows with notable artists such as In Flames, Between The Buried and Me, Killswitch Engage, Disturbed, Unearth, and many more.
In 2008, Society’s Plague self released their debut EP, “The Mercy Untold” (Produced by John Burke and Don DeBiase at Chin Studios in Cleveland, OH), which gained notable traction with regional sales, and Social Media outlets.
Following that release, the band inked a deal in 2010 with Stand And Deliver Records, and that summer released their first full length LP, “The Human, The Canvas” (Produced by Tony Gammalo and Ben Schigel at Spider Studios in Strongsville, OH). With the release of this album, the band saw their national and international fan base grow exponentially, including over 80k plays on Spotify alone.
From 2013-2015, Society’s Plague took a short hiatus, and returned in 2016 to a nearly sold out hometown show, with plans to release their sophomore album in 2017.


Current Line-Up:

Matt Newton: Vocals

Roger Clem: Guitars

Joe Royer: Guitars

James Doyle (JD): Drums

Aaron Sheffield: Bass